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DoD: Sharing cyber-threat info with contractors is working

Halfway through a 90-day trial, the Department of Defense says it has stopped hundreds of attempted intrusions it would have missed otherwise without its <a href="">pilot program</a> of sharing classified information about cyber threats with military contractors.

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10 scariest hacks from Black Hat and Defcon

Hack week in Vegas During the Black Hat and Defcon conferences in Las Vegas last week, researchers wheeled out their best new attacks on everything from browsers to automobiles, demonstrating ingenuity and diligence in circumventing security efforts or in some cases in exploiting systems that were built without security in mind. Here's a handful of the ones that deserve the most concern.

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Report: Spam is at a two-year high

Spam - particularly the kind with malicious attachments - is exploding, reaching a two-year high overall, which includes the spike last fall just before the SpamIt operation folded its doors, a security firm says.

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Brace for email-attachment malware spree

A sizeable spike in <a href="">malicious email attachments</a> is just subsiding, but if history is any indicator, several smaller spikes are about to follow that use even more deceptive means than their predecessors.

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Black Hat: Apple does well but Microsoft does better with enterprise security

While still not great, the operating systems behind Apple desktops, laptops and phones are getting more secure, <a href="">researchers at Black Hat</a>  say.While not recommended for corporate use unless it’s in islands within larger networks, the OSX operating system has made strides, says Alex Stamos, who lead a team of researchers from iSec Partners that researched the OSX and Windows 7 operating systems.

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Check Point has sights set on 1Tbps firewall

<a href="">Check Point Software</a> has new, heavy-duty <a href="">security</a> gateway hardware for data centers and service providers, including one chassis that will grow to support a 1Tbps firewall.

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US military learning cybersecurity lessons from businesses

In its new <a href="">cyberdefense strategy</a>, the <a href="">Pentagon is drawing on lessons</a> about agility, lifecycle management and supply-chain protection that have already been learned by private corporations.

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