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10 security threats to watch for

There are lots of ways business networks can be compromised, and more are developing all the time. They range from technology exploits to social engineering attacks, and all can compromise corporate data, reputation and the ability to conduct business effectively.

Tim Greene | 14 Apr | Read more

CSOs need to be legal eagles

Chief security officers need to comb through the wording of the governmental and industry security regulations their businesses must comply with if they want to secure their networks and stay out of legal trouble.

Tim Greene | 25 May | Read more

Having a NAC for network security

Network access control stands out as one of the most promising security technologies, but it also is one of the most misunderstood. That's in part because vendors want in on the NAC buzz and are clamoring for attention, despite selling products that are only peripheral. This raises problems for companies that want to consider NAC but don't have a solid sense of what it is, what it might do for them and what kind of investment it requires.

Tim Greene | 21 Nov | Read more

Desktop search engines threaten SSL VPN security

New PC indexing tools such as Google's Google Desktop Search pose security risks to businesses that use SSL remote access because the tools copy material accessed during SSL sessions and make it available to unauthorized people who later use the same PC.

Tim Greene | 16 Nov | Read more