Stories by Ian Paul

LastPass gives up PC-centrism, lets you start on any device for free

Ever since the password manager LastPass opened its doors in 2008, new users have had two choices: Use LastPass on PCs only for free or pay $12 to get it on mobile as well. On Tuesday, LastPass will try a different tactic by letting new users start on the platform of their choice and remain on that one for free. As with the original format, anyone who wants to access LastPass across all their devices will have to pay $12 a year.

Ian Paul | 12 Aug | Read more

EFF tracker-smashing Privacy Badger exits beta

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently announced that its tracker-munching browser add-on is ready for prime time. Privacy Badger version 1.0 is available now for Chrome and Firefox. The add-on was released as a public alpha in May 2014 and hit beta about two months later.

Ian Paul | 08 Aug | Read more