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Computer thefts prompt Los Alamos security review

The Los Alamos National Laboratories has launched a month-long project aimed at ensuring that offsite computer systems fully comply the institution's information security policies. Los Alamos officials are also conducting a full review of its policies and its procedures governing the use of official computers at home by employees of the laboratory.

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MySpace faces fresh controversy over sex offender issue

Just two weeks after a task force whose formation was spearheaded by MySpace delivered a report saying that social networking sites were safer from sexual predators than many people had assumed, MySpace finds itself dealing with a new inquiry related to registered sex offenders by Connecticut's attorney general.

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Report: 'Foreign entity' hacked Obama, McCain PCs

Computer systems used by the election campaigns of both President-elect Barack Obama and his Republican rival John McCain were broken into earlier this year, and a large number of files related to the evolving policy positions of the two candidates were stolen, according to a story posted online Wednesday by Newsweek magazine.

Jaikumar Vijayan | 06 Nov | Read more