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Corporate focus on compliance could hurt security

Companies that make regulatory compliance the sole driver of their information security efforts could be weakening their long-term security posture instead of improving it, according to IT managers at the 32nd annual US Computer Security Institute conference held last week. Therefore, it's better to make compliance a by-product of a broader corporate security strategy -- not its sole end objective, they said.

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CSI panel: Security managers need business focus

Regulatory compliance requirements and concerns over data compromises have elevated the importance of information security issues in corporate boardrooms, according to panelists at the 32nd annual conference organized by the Computer Security Institute. And that trend is lending urgency to the need for security managers to adopt a more business-oriented approach to their jobs.

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Novell downplays server hack

An internal Novell investigation of an apparent hack involving one of its computers revealed that the incident was less serious than was described by the security consultant who reported it to the company, a spokesman said Friday.

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Novell server hacked

A company server that some workers at Novell apparently used for gaming purposes was hacked into and then used to scan for vulnerable ports on potentially millions of computers worldwide, according to an Internet security consultant.

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Antispyware firm warns of massive ID theft ring

Officials at Sunbelt Software, a US-based vendor of antispyware tools, said the company stumbled upon a massive ID theft ring that is using a well-known spyware program to break into and systematically steal confidential information from an unknown number of computers worldwide.

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