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Companies take to the security warpath

Keeping the network safe these days means fixing it before you know what's going to attack it or where. Worms wriggle faster, hackers are quicker, so out-manoeuvring mal-intents means knowing what they're up to before they do it, writes Jaikumar Vijayan

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ISS exec on security threat prevention

Security architectures that are designed solely to react to threats instead of preventing them in the first place are doomed to fail in a world of fast-evolving and self-propagating threats, says Tom Noonan, CEO of Internet Security Systems.

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IBM executive discusses Big Blue's security

As director of corporate security strategy at IBM, Stuart McIrvine is responsible for developing the company's overall road map for IT security products, services and partnerships. McIrvine's job, to which he was named in mid-October, involves managing a team that coordinates security-related initiatives across IBM's hardware, software, services and research groups.

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E-business sites hit with attacks, extortion threats

A distributed denial-of-service attack that disrupted Web-based systems at credit card payment processing firm Authorize.Net earlier last week is indicative of a sharp increase in the number of cyberattacks being targeted at specific companies and driven by profit motives on the part of the hackers who launch them.

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DNS inventor Mockapetris on Internet security

Paul Mockapetris invented the Internet's core Domain Name System (DNS), which is a highly distributed hierarchical database that translates Web names into Internet Protocol addresses, and vice versa. Without it, the Internet as it's structured today wouldn't work. In an interview this week with Computerworld, he talked about the state of the DNS a year after the first distributed denial-of-service attack on the system.

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