Stories by Lauren Gibbons Paul

Will CSOs become CROs in the future?

Few would deny the chief security officer role has evolved quite a bit in recent years. At many large companies, the heads of both physical and information security now report in to the same person, an enterprise CSO. The pace of change for the function is accelerating along with the ever-changing nature of threats.

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How valuable are security certifications today?

When it comes to education, most people agree, more is better. No one embodies that principle — at least in regard to IT certifications — better than Jerry Irvine. CIO of IT consulting firm Prescient Solutions and member of the National Cyber Security Task Force, Irvine holds more than 20 IT certifications, of which at least six are specifically information security-oriented.

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Hot security skills of 2013

Most successful CSOs will tell you it was a unique mix of skills that propelled them to their current position. Technical background is important, certainly, but practice in the business and excellence in communication are paramount for any CSO truly worthy of a place in the C-suite.

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Brain drain: Protecting your organization's IP

Global healthcare provider Best Doctors employs the most robust technologies and practices available to protect the privacy of its members' personal data—but that's just a part of doing business in this industry. Less obvious but equally important is the degree of vigilance with which the company <a href="">protects its brand name</a>, which is trademarked in dozens of countries worldwide.

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5 secrets to building a great security team

For a security industry leader, Tim Williams is a pretty modest guy. As the former head of ASIS International and now as global security director for the $42.5 billion construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, Williams has won <a href="">his share of recognition</a>, which he doesn't take lightly.

Lauren Gibbons Paul | 20 Sep | Read more

10 steps to loading dock security

It's the stuff of CSO nightmares. Early on the morning of September 2, while most folks were home sleeping off the hot dogs, thieves used bolt cutters to break into an Alltel Communications warehouse and four of its loading docks in Fort Smith, Ark. Sources say they escaped with an estimated US$10 million worth of cell phones, not a bad haul for their Labor Day efforts.

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