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Malicious keylogger malware found lurking in highly publicized GTA V mod

Mods! They're a big part of what makes PC gaming so great. They're an even bigger part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise's success on PCs. But malicious no-goodniks out there have seized advantage of the current spotlight on GTA V to slip nasty keylogger malware into some of the mods available for the game--including the otherwise awesome-looking "Angry Planes" mod that made the rounds on the big gaming sites this week.

Brad Chacos | 16 May | Read more

Bravo! Windows Defender update fully removes Lenovo's dangerous Superfish malware

Microsoft's stayed mum during Thursday's uproar about Lenovo installing dangerous, invasive "Superfish" adware on new PCs --adware that hijacks all secure HTTPS connections on affected PCs. But early Friday morning, Redmond quietly issued a sly condemnation of Lenovo's folly, updating its Windows Defender antivirus solution to eradicate both the adware itself and the rogue self-signed certificate that allows Superfish to compromise encrypted web traffic.

Brad Chacos | 21 Feb | Read more