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Instagram fixes flaw that let people see your private photos

Instagram's approach to privacy is nothing like the piecemeal strategy used by parent company Facebook. On the photo-sharing service, your privacy settings are limited to public and private--or at least that's what we thought. Instagram just fixed a bug that let people see your private photos if they had once been public.

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5 privacy fixes your Facebook News Feed needs by New Year's

It seems like Facebook is constantly adding new settings or changing old ones. Sometimes it's under the guise of simplifying your options, like with the new Privacy Basics walk-through. Other times it's because new kinds of ads are coming and Facebook wants you to be prepared. So there's no better time than the present to update your privacy permissions than the present. Let's face it: You're not going to remember to check on your Facebook settings once the chaos of holiday parties and New Year's resolutions takes hold.

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CurrentC won't let email hack delay launch as it explores NFC

People interested in checking out CurrentC, the mobile payment app from a retailers group that includes Walmart, Best Buy, and other major brands, signed up for the app's email list to get advance news about the launch. But that email list was hacked on Tuesday, leaking the addresses of a slew of early CurrentC testers. The news couldn't come at a worse time for the app, which has incurred the wrath of Apple Pay fans before its public debut.

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Apple says Yosemite's Spotlight Suggestions don't violate your privacy

Apple's Spotlight feature got a tune-up for OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The search function now scours the Internet as well as your hard drive when you type queries into the Spotlight bar (with a little help from Bing). But privacy watchdogs accused Apple on Monday of being a little too helpful by automatically collecting your location data and search terms and sharing that data with Bing.

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Facebook still plans to study you, but promises to 'learn and improve'

Remember when Facebook played with your emotions and made you mad? OK, that's every day. But back in July, the social network revealed that it had experimented with your News Feed by showing some users more positive posts and others more negative ones. The resulting outrage prompted Facebook to change its research policy, but its self-imposed restrictions don't go far enough to appease anyone.

Caitlin McGarry | 03 Oct | Read more

Why Google doesn't care about your name anymore

Google+ was built on identity. Like Facebook, the 3-year-old social network required you to use your real name. When Google started linking Google+ to its other services, it seemed like the company was creating a Google-centric ecosystem that used your identity as a jumping off point.

Caitlin McGarry | 17 Jul | Read more