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Blackhole Exploit Kit creator arrested in Russia

After twenty-four hours of speculation, as well as a wall of silence from officials connected to the case, Europol's Troels Oerting, who is head of the European Cybercrime Center, has confirmed that 'Paunch' -- one of the people behind the creation and maintenance of the Blackhole Exploit Kit -- has been arrested in Russia.

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Despite looming end of life, study shows XP remains primary OS

Examining data from one million devices, Fiberlink, a mobile management firm, examined the often forgotten part of mobility in the workforce -- laptops. While IT and security vendors focus on Google's Android, Apple's iOS, tablets, and smartphones, Lenovo's ThinkPad and Dell's Latitude chug along, remaining a stable fixture in the workplace. According to Fiberlink, almost 50 percent of the laptops observed in their study are running Windows XP.

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WHMCS Zero-Day vulnerability used against PureVPN

Hong Kong-based PureVPN faced problems this weekend, after someone used a Zero-Day vulnerability in WHMCS to send the networking firm's customers an alarming message. The rogue email stated that the VPN service was going to shutdown due to legal issues, and that customer information was handed over to the authorities.

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Source code and 2.9 million accounts raided by attackers in Adobe breach

In a blog post on Thursday, Adobe said that during a security audit sometime around September 17, the company discovered that attackers had accessed Adobe customer IDs, as well as encrypted passwords. In addition to IDs and passwords, Adobe Chief Security Officer, Brad Arkin, said that the attackers also accessed customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and "other information."

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