Stories by Steve Ragan

Many major brand mobile apps not secure on Android, says study

In a study on mobile applications and their level of security, RIIS, LLC, a firm that specializes in mobile app development, said that some of the nation's top brands, including airlines, retail outlets, entertainment companies, and insurance companies, are producing applications for Android that place users and their personal information at risk.

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Three types of DNS attacks and how to deal with them

The Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad hacking group, altered the DNS records used by the New York Times, Twitter, and the Huffington Post. The changes forced one site offline and caused problems for the others. Here are three ways such attacks happen, and how they can be mitigated

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New York Post hit by pro-Assad hackers

The Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad group known for targeting social media in order to spread propaganda, has claimed a new victim; the New York Post. The attack was possible it seems, as the group social engineered the social media management platform Social Flow.

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