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Google increases rewards in bug bounty program

Announcing a new milestone on Monday, Google says that they've paid out nearly $2M in bounties to security researchers who have disclosed bugs in Chromium. To celebrate, the search giant is boosting their reward scheme, offering even more money for the discovery of future bugs.

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White House considers incentives for cybersecurity

On Tuesday, President Obama's cybersecurity coordinator, Michael Daniel, blogged about a handful of incentives being considered, as the Department's of Homeland Security, Treasury, and Commerce, work with the public and private sectors to establish a cybersecurity framework due in February of 2014.

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DEF CON attendees demonstrate social engineering prowess in CTF contest

Sin City was filled with plenty of people last week, and thousands of them were hackers. That's understandable, considering that Las Vegas hosted the Black Hat security conference, the B-Sides security conference, and DEF CON 21. Most of the week focused on talks, new products, creative uses of code (for defense and offence), but there was another side as well; people, and the information they possess.

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Understanding incident response: 5 tips to make IR work for you

IT professionals, security experts, and researchers have traveled to Sin City this week, in order to attend the annual Black Hat security conference. While many of the presentations and demos at Black Hat will focus on trends and the latest technological advances for those who attack the network and those who defend it, there isn't much on the topic of incident response.

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How to avoid a social engineering attack at Black Hat and Def Con

Next week, security professionals and hackers will descend on Las Vegas for the Black Hat security conference and Def Con 21. Security vendors and news organizations often talk about precautions and offer security advice this time of year, but Chris Hadnagy, from Social-Engineer Inc., has some additional thoughts, which focus on the human side of security.

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Five things to consider for a mobile security policy

Last week, news broke that Samsung was pushing into the federal space and is close to inking a deal with the FBI and the U.S. Navy. While that story hinges on the shift from BlackBerry to Android and Apple in the secure mobile space, it also singles out the fact that BYOD isn't a buzzword -- it's a reality within IT operations.

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