Stories by Florence Ion

Android-powered Blackphone promises extreme mobile privacy

Face it: we're living in an age where we're being watched. It's an unfortunate circumstance of how technology has progressed throughout the decades, and even when we think we're taking the right steps by adjusting our privacy settings, another news story comes out that all that information is freely available, anyway.

Florence Ion | 16 Jan | Read more

Google now lets you change your password remotely on an Android device

Google has begun rolling out an update to its Google Play Services that includes the ability to remotely change your phone unlock password--a major addition since the search giant released the Android Device Manager last month. Now you'll be able to lock your Android phone remotely, rather than having to completely wipe it before you can get to it.

Florence Ion | 17 Sep | Read more

Researcher: Fake USB chargers could hack into iPhones

You're waiting at the airport and topping up your iPhone at a public USB charging station. What if that innocent little plug was hacking into your iPhone and installing malicious software? Billy Lau, a research scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology, told attendees at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas that it's possible, though there's no evidence that anyone has actually tried to create an evil USB plug.

Florence Ion | 01 Aug | Read more