Stories by Dr Claudia Johnson

​Amplification is here to stay: Size Matters!

There is a new trend in Distributed Denial of Service (“DDoS”) attacks that has a resonating character to it: Amplification! Doesn’t it make sense that a large DDoS volume is easier to achieve with Amplification? When is a DDoS attack a Reflection and when is it Amplification, and why should I care?

Dr Claudia Johnson | 15 Dec | Read more


There can sometimes be a fine line between suspicion and guilt. Determining malicious or “good” activity can be a challenging task in today’s cyber world full of hidden and dark secrets. A system based on accuracy and thorough analysis of all evidence will lead to the true malicious actor.

Dr Claudia Johnson | 03 Aug | Read more

Incident Response Plan

Do you take a fatalistic approach to cyber attack? ‘Whatever will be, will be’ is an attitude in life (and movies) that is well suited to events that evoke a spontaneous response—like who will you marry? These are the questions posed in Doris Day’s song from the Hitchcock movie ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’. They’re not appropriate for incidents which inspire fear, which Doris learns when her son is kidnapped.

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Hacked - The perfect attack

Think of the perfect attack like the perfect murder. It must be planned carefully and meticulously then executed systematically and flawlessly. Remember all the small detail in Hitchcock’s “The Rear Window”? No-one would have noticed anything or even missed the victim if it weren’t for Jimmy Stewart, who, with a broken leg had nothing better to do all day than to gaze out his rear window.

Dr Claudia Johnson | 26 Jun | Read more