Stories by Mav Turner

​Network Security in 2016: Let’s be Prepared

There will be one million cybersecurity job vacancies globally in 2016, according to a recent report from Cisco. In Australia specifically there has been 5% growth in the number of ICT professionals in 2015, and demand peaking at a further 100,000 workers over the next six years[1].Though this is good news for all those seasoned IT security experts, and upcoming network and security professionals, this increase in opportunity shows us that more businesses are planning to take network security seriously in 2016.

Mav Turner | 16 Feb | Read more

Let’s talk about your human network security risk

In the wake of several high-profile and very public enterprise security breaches – at times it seems there’s one every other week - businesses continue to look closely at the quality of their IT security tools and processes. But while many CEOs turn to the IT department for answers, as much as a source of blame, the reality is human (employee) error remains the root cause of most successful network attacks.

Mav Turner | 31 Aug | Read more

App Security- the great unspoken

There is no shortage of conversation around enterprise security. In light of some recent, high-profile hacking incidents, everyone’s talking about the importance of securing networks, data and devices in avoiding a worst case scenario of confidential customer or organisational information or IP being compromised. Interestingly, these conversations often neglect one vital component- the applications that operate on these systems and how their own vulnerabilities can bring down an organisations’ entire security strategy.

Mav Turner | 20 Feb | Read more