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Why Apple really cares about your privacy

In the days and weeks since Apple's WWDC keynote, something's been bugging me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then, recently, while sitting at the airport, I launched Safari and pulled up Apple's official privacy policy. At first glance, it seemed to be the standard boilerplate issued by the gray suited legal department of a large enterprise, full of the same legalese you see on nearly any site that collects your personal information.

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iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite: will they keep us safer?

It used to be Apple rarely highlighted security and privacy in its developer-focused WWDC keynote presentation. But over the past few years Apple has consistently highlighted new options to keep users safe from attackers and snooping eyes alike. Still, with a mere two hours to cover a wealth of advances in multiple operating systems and the corresponding developer tools, the security details in Monday's keynote were sparse.

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How the NSA snoop-proofs its Macs

The NSA (the National Security Agency, or, as some people prefer, No Such Agency) has found itself in the spotlight lately, owing in large part to leaks from former contractor Edward Snowden. But although the agency has been in hot water because of who it has been spying on, snooping isn't the agency's only job. The NSA also plays an important role in helping the rest of the government secure its computers from outside attackers.

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Apple's security strategy: make it invisible

When I received an invitation to the keynote event at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, my first reaction was, "Why?" I'm known as a security guy, which means my keynote invites are only when major security features are released. But as I watched the presentations, I began to understand why.

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How to disable Java on your Mac

With the news that some Apple, Facebook, and Twitter employees' Macs were hacked, and Apple and Oracle's subsequent software patches, it's time to revisit the question of whether Java can be used securely.

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Java security threats: What you need to know

First, the bad news. Once again, Mac users are at risk due to a flaw in Java, similar to the one that enabled the Flashback Trojan. Even worse, there isn't (yet) a patch to fix that vulnerability. But don't worry: This time around, there's good news for Mac users: Thanks to changes Apple has made, most of us are likely to be safe from this threat.

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How to use your iPad securely

The iPad is one of the safest computing devices you can use. Its combination of hardware and software security translate to a device that's probably more secure than your PC or Mac--especially if you take the right steps to secure it.

Rich Mogull | 24 Jun | Read more