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Google+ privacy

While Google's new social network, Google+, is barely a week old, it's already received a lot of attention from tech pundits and the social media community. And as with any new online service, understanding how to control your information is essential.

Kristin Burnham | 07 Jul | Read more

5 LinkedIn privacy settings you need to know

Many regard LinkedIn as the "safe" social network -- there are no games that jeopardise your privacy, you aren't posting incriminating photos of last weekend's Halloween party and you're not TKTKTKTK. But that's no reason to ignore the privacy and account settings that LinkedIn has in place.

Kristin Burnham | 03 Nov | Read more

Social Media Safety: Acceptable-Use Policies Critical

It's a Catch-22 for many companies and IT departments: Allow access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and the company is opened up to malicious content, phishing schemes and account hijackings. Block all social media sites, and the business risks losing young talent to competitors or will challenge employees to find workarounds. Which can be equally dangerous.

Kristin Burnham | 09 Apr | Read more

Facebook Tips: Staying Safe While Using Games and Apps

If you're one of the 63.7 million people playing the popular Farmville game on Facebook, you've probably noticed a change in how you earn points. FarmVille's parent company, Zynga, agreed last week to remove deceiving mobile subscriptions and "scammy" offers that lure players to register for services in exchange for game currency, which helps players to advance in the game.

Kristin Burnham | 13 Nov | Read more