Stories by Ian Yip

Cryptojacking: The new threat on the block

Over the past year we’ve seen immense growth in the popularity and value of cryptocurrency, with leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin reaching market value highs of $25,000 AUD in December 2017 for a single coin, up from $1,200 AUD in January earlier that year.

Ian Yip | 20 Sep | Read more

IT security predictions for 2014

2013 was the year of Edward Snowden and the NSA spying revelations. We also faced a deluge of data breaches with an increasingly large amount of information compromised. The emerging trends that appeared on the radar in 2012 such as Cloud, Mobility, Social and Big Data became key challenges for organisations in 2013. These will continue to be important in 2014, but what will they evolve into? What other things do we need to consider?

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Login to the real world with your Facebook account

It seems like every other website we visit today presents us with a “login with a social network” button. We are sometimes presented with a choice, usually between Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But the most common social network encountered is Facebook and the most common scenario where we are offered this option is when we attempt to use a technology-focused service online. This is starting to change and we will start to notice it in a matter of months.

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Addressing the security risks of BYO device

The head of security hastily leaves the meeting without excusing herself. Her body language indicates that it is an important call. As she walks back in, all eyes in the room subliminally pose the same question. Without further prompting, the head of security says: “The CEO wants to know why she can’t watch a YouTube video on her iPad. It’s against policy, but we have to make it happen. While we’re at it, she also wants to be able to access her email and calendar on her iPhone”. This actually happened at a large financial institution.

Ian Yip | 29 Mar | Read more