Stories by Robert McMillan

With iPhone launch, a hacker's to-do list

When Apple introduced the latest version of its Safari browser two weeks ago, it took the hacking community just hours to start reporting bugs in the beta code. On Friday, the iPhone is likely to get even closer scrutiny from many of the same security researchers. Here's a list of the top items on the typical iPhone hacker's to-do list.

Robert McMillan | 03 Jun | Read more

Google at odds with the locked-down enterprise

Security has been a bit of a black art at Google. Unlike rival Microsoft, which publishes detailed information on its monthly patches and has openly evangelized the steps it takes to secure software, Google has generally been quiet when it comes to talking about security and it has kept the team that keeps Google's Web sites secure under wraps. Douglas Merrill, Google's vice president of engineering and chief information officer explains what Google gets from its security investments, and why his company believes that locking down the enterprise PC is not the way to go.

Robert McMillan | 06 Jun | Read more