Stories by Robert McMillan

Hackers lurk in AMD Web site

Users of AMD's microprocessors may want to think twice before looking for technical support on the company's Web site. Customer support discussion forums on the site have been compromised and are being used in an attempt to infect visitors with malicious software, an AMD spokesman confirmed Monday.

Robert McMillan | 31 Jan | Read more

On Dasher! New malware targets Microsoft users

Just in time for the holidays, a worm called Dasher has hit the Internet. The malicious software, which primarily targets Windows 2000 systems, is one of three new attacks targeting Microsoft's software that has emerged in the last 24 hours. Two other recently posted attacks can crash or gum up the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Robert McMillan | 16 Dec | Read more

Ebay tricked by phony e-mail

A sophisticated phishing attack has proven to be so successful, it has tricked eBay's own fraud investigations team into endorsing it as legitimate, according to an independent security consultant who reported the attack to eBay.

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Black Hat presentation yields another Cisco bug

Cisco Systems has discovered a critical bug in the operating system used to power its routers, the company announced Wednesday. The flaw is the second serious problem that Cisco has found in its routers' Internetwork Operating System (IOS) that is related to a controversial security presentation given at the Black Hat USA security conference in July of this year.

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Juniper hires Cisco hacker

It looks like there is life after Black Hat for Michael Lynn, after all. The former Internet Security Systems (ISS) researcher has landed a job with networking vendor Juniper Networks just months after creating an international stir at July's Black Hat USA conference by disclosing information about security weaknesses in Cisco routers.

Robert McMillan | 07 Nov | Read more

Industry group defines spyware

A new coalition of technology companies and public interest organizations has hit some early milestones in its effort to combat spyware. On Thursday, the Anti-Spyware Coalition published two documents that the group hopes will take the computer security industry a step closer toward agreeing on a set of best practices for stopping this type of annoying and invasive software.

Robert McMillan | 28 Oct | Read more