Stories by Robert McMillan

Google now a hacker's tool

Somewhere out on the Internet, an Electric Bong may be in danger. The threat: a well-crafted Google query that could allow a hacker to use Google's massive database as a resource for intrusion.

Robert McMillan | 02 Aug | Read more

Gartner: Bank card fraud too easy for phishers

U.S. banks are putting customer convenience ahead of security and, in the process, making it much easier for online "phishers" to create counterfeit bank cards, according to a Gartner report released Tuesday. And with the Internet now a common source of stolen account information, phishers are accounting for a growing portion of the estimated US$2.75 billion in annual losses that bank card abuse is costing U.S. banks, the research firm said.

Robert McMillan | 03 Aug | Read more