Stories by Ian Harac

Sticky Password Pro is a valuable tool for keeping passwords safe

If you use the same user name and password on multiple sites, all it takes is for one of them to get cracked, and it doesn't matter how secure your password is or how securely all the other sites store it: You are in trouble. So, you should use a different secure password for each site. Of course, trying to remember dozens or hundreds of different secure passwords borders on impossible.

Ian Harac | 26 Mar | Read more

Surf Now, Read Later With Local Website Archive Lite

Local Website Archive is a useful utility that allows you to download web pages to your local hard drive. While this can be accomplished via the "save page" option in most browsers, Local Website Archive Lite (free) offers enough additional features and functionality that it's well worth installing.

Ian Harac | 15 Aug | Read more

Open source FreeOTFE encrypts disks handily

FreeOTFE may sound like a political bumper sticker, but it stands for "Free On The Fly Encryption." The "Free" part is self-explanatory; "On The Fly Encryption" refers to the encrypting/decrypting of data as it is written to or read from your hard disk.

Ian Harac | 09 Mar | Read more

Erase data permanently with SecureClean

It's well-known that "deleting" a file from Windows doesn't fully remove it, but you may not understand just how much data can remain on your disk after a file is gone. Even fragments of a file such as a crucial e-mail or spreadsheet can contain valuable data. Browsing histories, cookies, and more can linger a long time. SecureClean ($US50, 14-day free trial) will remove all such detritus permanently.

Ian Harac | 07 Mar | Read more