Stories by Jared Newman

Gauss Malware: What You Need to Know

Another day, another scary computer virus tearing through the Middle East. The latest piece of malware is called Gauss, and it's designed to steal bank account credentials while gathering as much information about the infected machines as possible.

Jared Newman | 10 Aug | Read more

The Flame Virus: Your FAQs Answered

A frightening computer virus called Flame is on the loose in Iran and other parts of the Middle East, infecting PCs and stealing sensitive data. Now, the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union warns that other nations face the risk of attack.

Jared Newman | 30 May | Read more

New Facebook features: 4 privacy concerns

With Facebook's new Timelines and Open Graph apps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has advanced his vision of a world that loves to share. Profile pages will soon summarize your life's history, and apps are now able to feed a steady stream of activity to friends and followers automatically.

Jared Newman | 27 Sep | Read more