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A first look at Sophos Mobile Control

People are accessing the internet (and their own corporate services) in changing ways, increasingly through a single mobile device. Focus is increasingly placed on smartphones to stay up-to-date socially and professionally, and the blurring of these roles poses new security challenges for all businesses.

Enex Testlab | 03 Nov | Read more

Review: Self-Encrypting External Hard Disk Drives

With data becoming more valuable, the need for security also gets greater. Today’s technology and working behaviours both facilitate data being easily transported. Information is far less static due to home working, multiple office sites, low cost USB storage devices and DVDs. With all these portable devices and data being moved from place to place we must be mindful of data backup.

Enex Testlab | 16 Oct | Read more

Review: One time password generators

We all know that administering the human factor in network security is a balancing act. On the one hand you do need to enforce policies to minimise basic weaknesses, especially lazy passwords (such as the ubiquitous “password”). On the other hand, you also need to manage the administrative impact of rigid policies - how many times can one person get it wrong!

Enex Testlab | 21 Sep | Read more

USB Secure Flash Drive Product Review

A vast majority of today’s workforce use USB memory sticks, they offer unequalled convenience for transferring data. In most situations, if the data is not confidential, a standard USB stick quite acceptable, but what do you use if your data is sensitive?

Enex Testlab | 24 Aug | Read more

Unified Threat Management Device Roundup

Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving and the attack methods used are constantly adapting. In a similar way, the traditional layers of defence have grown increasingly complex and interrelated. The convergence of security technologies to a single appliance; the Unified Threat Management (UTM) device is a logical approach and can go a long way towards managing security in most organisations.

Enex Testlab | 15 Jul | Read more

Content Filtering Technologies Overview

Network and Internet Content Filtering (ICF) is a technology tied to controversy. The technology itself is extremely interesting and evolving rapidly, but it is the debate around how this technology should be implemented that evokes passionate argument. Be it teenagers at home or employees in the workplace, the scenarios and ethical implications are still to be unravelled.

Enex Testlab | 14 Jul | Read more

WatchGuard XCS770R Email Security Appliance Review

In order to improve productivity and minimise risk, most organisations need a reliable method of protecting their employees from unwanted email (spam) and malicious software (malware). In addition, it is also necessary to protect the corporate network by restricting access to inappropriate content.

Enex Testlab | 22 Jun | Read more