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Is rapid detection the new prevention?

There's a trend underway in the information security field to shift from a prevention mentality--in which organizations try to make the perimeter impenetrable and avoid breaches--to a focus on rapid detection, where they can quickly identify and mitigate threats.

Bob Violino | 02 Jan | Read more

A clear-eyed guide to Android's actual security risks

If you're an Android user -- or want to be -- you've likely heard about all the security risks of Google's mobile operating system. But how real are these threats, and how much damage can they do? Despite the fears, are Android devices actually a safe bet for an enterprise mobility strategy?

Bob Violino | 09 Dec | Read more

What the Internet of Things means for security

You've probably been hearing a lot lately about the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT (see: "The IoT: A Primer" at the end of this piece), while still in the early stages of development, is slowly making its way into the mainstream as more objects become connected via technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and the iniquitousness of the Internet.

Bob Violino | 15 Oct | Read more

How employers can fight back against fake job references

Here's whats on the homepage of The Reference Store, which bills itself as the world's leading virtual reference service: Unemployed? Fired? Forced Out? Bad Reference? Create an entirely new work history using our fake reference service. Dont let these issues keep you from finding meaningful work. Explain away these periods using one of our Virtual Companies. Our fake companies are so real, our Virtual Companies actually get sales calls from the public.

Bob Violino | 31 Jul | Read more

Why password-only authentication is passe

The rapid growth of mobile devices that can access corporate networks and data, the expanding use of cloud-based IT services, and the increasing popularity of apps such as online banking mean that IT needs to pay closer attention to authentication.

Bob Violino | 10 Jun | Read more

Getting to the (end) point

Organizations sometimes rush to implement security solutions without taking the time to ensure that the products will work optimally in their environment, in hopes of dealing with immediate security shortfalls. But putting in the effort to meld new solutions with the existing infrastructure increases the likelihood of a successful deployment.

Bob Violino | 29 Jan | Read more