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The in-depth guide to data destruction

A key part of any information security strategy is disposing of data once it's no longer needed. Failure to do so can lead to serious breaches of data-protection and privacy policies, compliance problems and added costs.

Bob Violino | 07 Feb | Read more

Video surveillance: March to megapixel IP cameras continues

The global economic downturn is apparently having no major effect on the market for <a href="">IP video surveillance cameras</a> and other equipment, as sales remain strong worldwide. Meanwhile, the technology continues to evolve, and the emergence of high-definition (HD) video and megapixel resolution are among the more prominent trends in video surveillance.

Bob Violino | 13 Sep | Read more

How to live with malware infections

How can you be sure your organization doesn't have insidious viruses or other <a href="">malware</a> lurking within systems and applications, waiting to inflict damage? You can't.

Bob Violino | 05 Jul | Read more

A new security architecture for the cloud

Members of the Open Group's Security for the Cloud and SOA Project have launched a new <a href="">security architecture for the cloud</a>, to help security organizations better understand the unique security aspects of cloud computing.

Bob Violino | 20 Jun | Read more

Sorting the security standards

Many companies are using standards and frameworks to deal with certain aspects of information security. These models can help protect systems and data, but each plays a very different role in an overall security plan.

Bob Violino | 18 Apr | Read more