Stories by Kenneth Corbin

BYOD security demands mobile data protection strategy

As federal agencies develop strategies for an increasingly mobile workforce, the traditional methods of securing a desktop environment have to evolve to account for the growing crop of wireless devices in use. Symantec vice president of public sector urges federal CIOs to embrace BYOD, but to update their security posture to also focus on files and applications.

Kenneth Corbin | 23 Aug | Read more

Cybersecurity isn't a border-based threat, it's a viral threat

The traditional notion of warfare among nation-states is rapidly becoming obsolete as acts of kinetic aggression are being replaced by online crimes and other disruptions that can be perpetrated by individuals or small groups. Expert Ben Hammersley argues that policymakers need to rethink the core principals of national security away from the current outdated military model in use.

Kenneth Corbin | 19 Jul | Read more

Security experts ask House for light a regulatory touch

Cybersecurity experts on Wednesday warned members of a House subcommittee against racing to legislation that would establish an overly burdensome regulatory framework for safeguarding digital systems against attacks, instead urging a more limited approach that would clear away legal impediments such as the prohibitions against sharing critical threat information.

Kenneth Corbin | 10 Feb | Read more