Stories by John Cox

iPhone 5 rumour rollup for the week ending June 22

With the advent of the northern summer, the iOSsphere is heating up, through recirculating tried and probably-not-true rumors about iPhone 5. The good thing about Apple shifting iPhone announcements to the Fall, is it gives us a new summer entertainment option.

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Microsoft previews Windows Phone 8

Microsoft today unveiled a revamped Windows Phone mobile OS that will share key core elements with Windows 8. It also revealed a much more customizable Metro user interface, and changes designed to make the OS more acceptable to corporate IT groups.

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"Depraved" Wi-Fi hacker gets 18 years in prison

A Minnesota man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison after he hacked a neighbor's Wi-Fi <a href=";story=rtrcheat">router</a> and then launched a vengeful two-year campaign to frame them with child pornography and threats to government officials, including Vice President Joe Biden.

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Symantec finds big differences in iOS, Android security

<a href="">Apple</a> iOS and Google <a href="">Android</a> have some big differences when it comes to mobile <a href="">security</a>, creating distinct potential vulnerabilities for enterprises embracing devices running these operating systems, according to analysis by Symantec.

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Latest iPad security threat: Fake jailbreak code

An anonymous coder is messing with the heads of jailbreakers – the folks who develop and run code that lets your Apple iOS device load applications without having to rely solely on the company’s iTunes service.  The twist: this code, by design, fails to jailbreak your iPad.

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Is iOS jailbreaking an enterprise security threat?

Jailbreaking a smartphone means fiddling with its OS so you can load the applications of your choice, bypassing the requirement to download digitally signed apps only from, say, Apple’s iTunes App Store. Opinions tend to be binary: Either jailbreaking is an unalloyed act of end user liberation and empowerment, or it’s the Digital Apocalypse.

John Cox | 18 Dec | Read more

How secure is Windows Phone 7 app code?

A recent glitch on Microsoft's download servers for brand new Windows Phone 7 applications has sparked widespread Internet chatter among developers and focused new attention on the best ways to protect smartphone apps from being hacked.

John Cox | 30 Nov | Read more