Stories by Lex Friedman

iOS app contains potential malware

An app available for download from Apple's iOS App Store contains an embedded Trojan horse. And while the good news is that you're almost definitely safe from any malware danger, there's still reason for concern. The app itself is almost certainly harmless--and the malicious code is probably present unintentionally--but the fact that the code slipped through the App Store's review process isn't ideal.

Lex Friedman | 02 May | Read more

Proximo lets you use your iPhone to find your keys

Kensington will formally unveil its new Proximo product this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the company shared a $60 Proximo Starter Kit with Macworld early. I've spent a few days with the device, which is meant to help you monitor the whereabouts of your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, along with your keys and potentially other valuables.

Lex Friedman | 07 Jan | Read more

Honan hacked!

Over the weekend, Mat Honan--a former Macworld staffer and now a senior writer for Wired--made headlines after falling victim to an alarming series of hacks that ended up with his Twitter, Amazon, iCloud, and Gmail accounts compromised, and his iPad, iPhone, and MacBook completely wiped. In this episode, Honan joins me and senior editor Dan Moren to talk about the hack, how it worked, and what changes the companies involved--and we as users--need to make to stay safe.

Lex Friedman | 08 Aug | Read more

Up close with Mountain Lion: Security

Though Apple has long prided itself on the Mac's safety record, recent events such as the Flashback Trojan horse have proven that the company can't take the security of its operating systems for granted. And the security upgrades in Mountain Lion make it clear that Apple isn't.

Lex Friedman | 25 Jul | Read more