Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Study: Users ignore bank security features

Users of online banking sites tend to bypass critical clues that the integrity of those sites may have been compromised, according to the working draft of a study released on Sunday by researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jeremy Kirk | 06 Feb | Read more

Disaster Practice

Eighty businesses and over 3000 workers took part in the UK's second annual "afternoon from hell" - all in the name of security readiness.

Jeremy Kirk | 18 May | Read more

Enterprises try blogs, but fear remains

Blogs -- now thought of generally as mere personal digital depositories with sometimes questionable value -- are slowly making inroads at the enterprise level, as companies increasingly realize that the tight sense of community around them works well for collaboration as well as enhancing social bonds between employees.

Jeremy Kirk | 01 Dec | Read more

Vista security an issue at show

Microsoft has placed security as one of the top selling points for the Windows Vista OS, due out at the end of next year. But exactly how much more secure Vista will be than its predecessors is a point of concern here at the Microsoft IT Forum 2005 in Barcelona.

Jeremy Kirk | 17 Nov | Read more