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Fake Android anti-virus app taken down

Virus Shield, by developer Deviant Solutions, was a handsome, apparently easy-to-use security app for Android devices. For $4, the app promised hassle-free, ad-free security for Android users, without impacting battery life or performance. And, mostly, Virus Shield delivered - no ads, no fuss.

Jon Gold | 08 Apr | Read more

Major security flaw threatens Linux users

A source code mistake in the GnuTLS library – an open-source software building block used in a large number of different Linux distributions to handle secure Internet connections – could prove a serious threat to the privacy of Linux users, as developers rush to patch the vulnerability.

Jon Gold | 05 Mar | Read more

Nokia in hot water over Finland privacy flap

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is under fire today over revelations that its Lumia line of Windows Phone-powered handsets sent personal data – including information from phones used by senior members of Finland's government – to Microsoft servers in the U.S., according to a report in the Helsinki Times.

Jon Gold | 25 Feb | Read more

Tech titans urge surveillance reform

An industry consortium featuring some of the biggest names in technology – including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Reddit – is urging the Obama Administration to support a major overhaul of laws governing electronic surveillance.

Jon Gold | 10 Dec | Read more