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Cloak: Super-secure Net connections without the hassle

Network security is a topic that makes many people's eyes glaze over, and I can't blame them. We all rationally know that we should make sure our information is secure, but for most of us actually doing so is probably one step below flossing, or keeping track of our receipts.

Dan Moren | 09 Apr | Read more

OS X 10.9.2 arrives to fix SSL vulnerability, Mail problems, and more

What do fixes for critical security vulnerabilities, improvements to mail delivery, and new FaceTime features have in common? Well, they're all in OS X 10.9.2, which arrived on Tuesday. It's available in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store, and even if you're among those who usually take a wait-and-see approach to system updates, this particular release is worth an expedient installation.

Dan Moren | 25 Feb | Read more