• Chaos Communication Camp 2015 - a great training experience and heaps of fun

    Before I share some of the greatness of attending the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 in northern Germany, I would like to lay out some of my thoughts on the role of general and corporate training in building your career.

  • Patching fast or testing vastly?

    When reading about Windows 10 and its rolling release model, I started thinking ‘how is this going to impact larger organisations?’

  • Do as you say others should do!

    How can an organisation implement good security if its leaders are not living it and employees are not aware of it?

  • You can’t protect what you don’t know!

    As a consultant I have worked with organisations in many different industries. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed how little planning often goes into infrastructure management. Companies start off small and grow their infrastructure without necessarily overhauling the way they manage it. The lack of proper decommissioning is a good example of this uncontrolled growth.

  • Structured Complexity - better security models to reduce risk

    Information Security gets more complex by the minute. The number of options increase every year with new technologies becoming available. Organisations have options like outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, virtualising, with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and without, and many more. On top of these options comes choice of technologies and more.

  • Your brain is not in your suit

    We often are asked to think outside of the box. Are organisations innovative enough when it comes to the employment market when there is a shortage in skilled security experts? And what do I mean by 'your brain is not in your suit'? Let me explain.

  • No budget for security? Try harder!

    Organisations often view security as a burden and not as an enabler. In doing so they are losing to their competition. It is like playing Russian roulette and the first one who gets hit will lose for sure, while some others might follow or get out of the game early enough.

Andreas Dannert

President of ISACA Melbourne Chapter