• Damned Lies..High Stakes

    If IT Managers and CIO’s genuinely fear for their jobs over data breaches, why don’t they demand the resources they believe necessary to mitigate the risk or assign the risk to the asset owners?

  • She’ll be right mate

    A flu sufferer could have taken a preventive strategy with a ten dollar bottle of multivitamins and a three dollar face mask from the local supermarket but instead opted for a more costly visit to a doctor and a course of antibiotics.

  • Mobile Security 2011

    The mobile phone industry is a fascinating example of marketing gone mad. Cutting edge technology is no longer the domain of the geeks and nerds; it’s been pimped and accessorised.

  • So how do you think they got the blueprints Bob?

    It seems we still don’t get it that the data we have on our networks is valuable to others.
    We don’t understand the scale of data theft or the scale of the recipients of the stolen information.

  • Is it time to fire your firewall’s lazy, no good butt?

    Imagine if one of your employees who reports to you became lazy and no longer did their job very effectively. You’d more than likely fire him or her. Did you know that your firewall has ceased to do its job, yet you probably haven’t fired it, right?

  • The Cowra guy’s ego got him in trouble. What of all the crims and state sponsored guys who quietly remain?

    If you suddenly open a drawer in your kitchen at night, and see and kill a small cockroach, you would never go back to bed and sleep easy. You would now know you have a major problem.

  • Take a step back to see the bigger picture

    You may have tried to complete one of those larger than life mazes in which the walls of the maze were lined with hedges. There was no way over the hedge, under the hedge or through it so you had to follow the course of the maze using trial and error to forge a path through. Everywhere you looked all you could see were identical looking hedges and as such your view of the maze was limited. Now what would have been useful is someone with a view of the entire maze such as an aerial view or a map to help guide you through.

earthwave team is a guest blogger

earthwave team is a guest blogger is a guest blogger.