Organizations worldwide tend to mirror the culture of the country where they’re founded. Here in the United States, we have long maintained what I like to call a “Culture of Winning.”

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    Another day, another data breach in the news. Articles going on at length about the latest state-sponsored attack on systems which has resulted in an intelligence leak. And, of course, there’s the endless parade of personal stories shared throughout the Information Security community of another malicious insider, ransomware attack or new phishing scheme that security professionals are trying to combat.

Nathan Wenzler

  • Principal Security Architect, AsTech Consulting,
Nathan Wenzler is the Principal Security Architect at AsTech Consulting, a leading information security consulting firm. Nathan has nearly two decades of experience designing, implementing and managing both technical and non-technical solutions for IT and Information Security organizations. Nathan has helped government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies build new information security programs from scratch, as well as improve and broaden existing programs with a focus on process, workflow, risk management, and the personnel side of a successful security effort.