• What is Critical National Infrastructure?

    Many governments include them on their websites.

  • Innovation

    At a time where public budgets are constrained and national economies struggle with increasing global competition Australia needs to remain competitive.

  • Mobile Devices – the portable threat

    I remember with fondness the early 1990s, particularly when mobile phones transitioned from analogue to digital. Back then Nokia and Motorola had the market cornered as they produced the first ‘flip’ phones and all of us who owned one wore them with pride inside faux leather cases attached to our belts.

  • Creating the digital citizen

    Digital content is the foundation of modern society and the NBN will deliver it super-fast to everyone’s door. It is in such matter that knowledge is stored and subsequently extracted and exploited, often resulting in social and productivity gains.

  • Five Eyes

    The 2001 Convention on Cybercrime is the first international treaty on crimes committed via the Internet and other computer networks and seeks to harmonise the domestic criminal substantive law elements of offences and connected provisions in the area of cyber crime.

Nigel Phair

Nigel is Director of the Centre for Internet Safety, University of Canberra and for nearly five years was the Team Leader investigations at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre. He has published two books on the international dimension of cyber crime and lectures widely at Australian academic institutions. Follow Nigel on twitter @nphair