The Cowra guy’s ego got him in trouble. What of all the crims and state sponsored guys who quietly remain?

earthwave team is a guest blogger

earthwave team is a guest blogger is a guest blogger.

If you suddenly open a drawer in your kitchen at night, and see and kill a small cockroach, you would never go back to bed and sleep easy. You would now know you have a major problem.

That little guy was simply not as agile and stealthy as the other thousand that were hiding under the cutlery tray, and on the underside of the cabinet.

So David Cecil the ‘self-taught’ ‘ego driven’ hacker from Cowra was not agile and certainly not stealthy, his internet bragging got him caught. 

State sponsored actors and those driven by money are highly skilled and don’t brag online. They do their work quietly and undetected. This notoriety thing is passé and over-rated.

The excitement of this arrest is misplaced, it should simply serve to alert Platform Networks, and any other potential targets that they have a major problem.

It is easy to get in and hard to be found.

If we had the ability to simply look under the tray and underside of the cabinet how many stealthier, more focused roaches would we find in our systems?

Perhaps we know the real truth and simply want to go back to bed and not confront it.
Protection with detection and response will help.

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