So how do you think they got the blueprints Bob?

earthwave team is a guest blogger

earthwave team is a guest blogger is a guest blogger.

It seems we still don’t get it that the data we have on our networks is valuable to others.

We don’t understand the scale of data theft or the scale of the recipients of the stolen information.

I bumped in to a guy the other day.  Let’s call him Bob. He ran IT Security for a large mining equipment manufacturer named after a leaf munching worm.He told me he was not a target for hackers.

“They only target banks and credit card info… don’t they?”

I asked him if he had any IT security worries.

“Well I am worried the CEO will lose his laptop when he is travelling”

“Really?  Where does he go to?”

“China.  He has to go there to close down counterfeiting factories.”

“What?  Factories making big mining trucks like yours?”

“Down to serial numbers, paint, and of course our brand name.  They export them around the world to unsuspecting firms who think we made them.”

“Has your boss got the blueprints on his laptop?”

“No, of course not!  They are held only on our core systems.”

“So how do you think they got the blueprints Bob?”

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