The Connected Commando

Lloyd Borrett

Security Evangelist, AVG (AU/NZ)

There is a natural, almost anthropological, diversity among computer user types. We have evolved into different sub-species of electronic user behaviour by virtue of a number of factors. Our preferred type of mobile computing device affects our behaviour to a large extent. Does an individual favour a laptop, tablet PC, smartphone, or simply like to plug in and ‘hot desk’ when they can?

Other determining factors shaping our user profile might include the mobile connectivity service plan we select from our operator or Internet Service Provider (ISP). How often we can connect and how much data we can download (or upload for that matter), has a large influence on what sort of mobile computer user we are.

Whether we are working while out in the field, or simply ‘being a user’ when travelling, many of us will stay connected and use a good proportion of Internet-related tools and services when we are on the road. What type of mobile user we are has direct implications for the level of Internet security protection we should opt for. So let’s examine these user groups in more detail…

The Connected Commando
This person has all the kit and they are ready to connect and compute anywhere. Whether in the car, on an airplane or simply walking down the street, the Connected Commando has gadgets, headphones, power cables, backup power units and probably has a travel-size mouse too. Along with several USB sticks (often worn as necklace-style appendages), this user also has a ‘dongle’ to connect his or her PC to the web— plus a tablet PC and smartphone with full 3G connectivity of course.

The Frustrated Technophobe
This poor soul would like to dearly love to be ‘always on’, but in reality they only just about manage to connect at a bare minimum. Web cafes, hotels and bars list their ‘simple to connect wirelessly’ instructions, but somehow this user always finds it a challenge. Without the backup of technical support from his or her normal place of work, this user will often be just one seemingly unachievable click away from getting online.

The Wi-Fi Leapfrogger
The Wi-Fi Leapfrogger never actually has his or her own connection to use while travelling. Jumping from home to airport to hotel and then office, the Leapfrogger only connects when it is convenient to sit down and use a standard PC or laptop connection to a wireless network. Existing mainly on a diet of shared network security protection; this user knows (hopefully) not to engage in online banking, electronic business transactions or any data exchange that could affect privacy and/or identity theft.

The Don’t Care, Won’t Care
This lackadaisical user doesn’t place that much importance upon mobile telephony or Internet connectivity from the start. Possibly quite a senior executive, this person may either have a secretary to handle emails for them, or they may feel like they missed the need to be ‘constantly connected’ as a result of their age group. However, as we know, a little connectivity can be a dangerous thing.

All of these user types need Internet security protection as a given fact. When and where they need their protection to come into effect may differ according to circumstance, location and the actions they are attempting to carry out.

Because mobile device users can be connecting from anywhere and everywhere, they need the best protection available for their devices. For desktop, laptop and netbook computer users this means an advanced full security suite, like AVG Internet Security 2012, with the extra layers of protection vital for anyone on the move.

But don’t overlook protecting your smartphone and tablet devices. Yes, we know that 80% of smartphone users don’t even password protect these devices, even though they contain vital personal and work information and are highly susceptible to being lost or stolen. We also know that there has been a 273% rise in mobile malware in the first half of 2011. So protecting your smartphone or tablet with AVG Mobilation is a smart choice.

AVG logically differentiates its product set for these reasons and more. AVG’s security offerings stem from a community driven protection network designed to block hackers and stop identity thieves from day zero. With AVG on board, ANY type of user can search and surf the web safely with online protection that just works.

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