Business Continuity Management Solutions

Automate business-continuity and disaster-recovery planning and enable crisis management in one solution.

RSA Business Continuity Management Solutions provide centralized, automated business-continuity and disaster-recovery planning, enabling you to respond swiftly in a crisis to protect your operations. This web-based software combines business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management into a single system.
Assess the criticality of your business processes and technologies and develop business-continuity and disaster-recovery plans using automated workflow for testing and approval. Then, manage plan execution and communication in a crisis to minimize harm to your employees, customers, reputation, and operations.

Key Benefits
Centralized recovery - Centralize business-continuity and disaster-recovery plans, impact analyses, and process documentation in a web-based repository.

Prioritized recovery - Measure the value of business processes and technologies. Prioritize them based on impacts to your revenue, brand image, stakeholder confidence, and customer loyalty in the event of disruption or failure.

Time and cost savings - Use project-management features to track tasks, including testing, gap analysis, and remediation.

Enhanced availability - Ensure the accessibility of business-continuity and disaster-recovery plans in the event of a crisis or business disruption.

Deployment flexibility - Integrate the solution with a call center, notification service, or HR/facility database to automate data collection, maintenance, and real-time emergency notifications.

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