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The top 10 security land mines

Many companies spend a small fortune and deploy a small army to secure themselves from the many security threats lurking these days. But all those efforts can come to naught when making any of these common mistakes. The results can range from embarrassing to devastating, but security experts say that all are easily avoidable.

Matt Hines | 18 Mar | Read more

Integration problems arise with DLP tools

Vendors of data leakage prevention (DLP) systems claim that customers will avoid integration issues by using packaged tools that encompass all the different elements of the technology, but some early adopters of DLP are already running into serious problems.

Matt Hines | 15 Feb | Read more


Network access control stands out as one of the most promising security technologies, but it also is one of the most misunderstood. Here are explanations that may clarify some of your questions.

Network World staff | 04 Jan | Read more

Analysis: XACML

Maintaining security on their networks is critical for all companies. One primary tool that every network needs is access control -- the ability to carefully define and enforce which users have what type of access to specific applications, data and devices.

Russell Kay | 31 Dec | Read more