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The week in security: Do businesses trust the cloud too much?

If there was one lesson from the CSO Perspectives roadshow – which wraps up in Wellington this week – it came around the growing scourge of ransomware. If you’re like the attendees, you’ve probably already been hit at least once. However, a positive outcome of such breaches is that they make it easier to talk security with the CEO – whether about ransomware or the rest of the |9 most serious information-security threats you’ll face through 2019.

David Braue | 03 Apr | Read more

IBM: 4 billion online records were leaked in 2016

IBM says that more than four billion records were leaked online in 2016, including a mix of credit card data, passwords and personal health information. The number of different bits about people’s private lives leaked online last year were up from 600 million exposed records in 2015, and one billion exposed records in 2014.

Liam Tung | 30 Mar | Read more