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CSO Perspectives – The Dangerous World of IoT

IoT is a significant threat surface. Even devices such as modern smartphones, which are perhaps the first IoT device that hit many of our networks, carry out many actions that are largely invisible to many of us. Other devices were developed with few security controls, where "if it works - ship" rules, into environments where that were never anticipated.

Anthony Caruana | 17 Mar | Read more

Cisco Live: Australian cybersecurity startups mustn’t be afraid to “go for it right now”

Australia’s mandatory breach disclosure legislation has leapfrogged that in other countries and reflects the government’s world-beating cybersecurity posture, Cisco Systems’ most senior security executive has advised while warning that Australian security innovators must not be afraid to “go for it” to help the country dominate the region’s cybersecurity agenda.

David Braue | 15 Mar | Read more

Cisco Live: Why aren’t Australian companies buying Australian infosec?

Innovative Australian cybersecurity companies are already chalking up investment wins after just 3 months of concentrated effort by the federal government-spawned Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN), the recently appointed head of the organisation has reported – while warning that too many Australian technology buyers are still favouring often less-capable solutions sourced from overseas vendors.

David Braue | 16 Mar | Read more

Congrats - you’re the new CISO…now what

If you’re a security executive new to an organization you know better than most that you often suffer from not knowing the state of your security posture and because of this you are forced to operate tactically. What’s needed is a baseline about the current state of your security posture across people, process and technology which ultimately alleviates headaches and allows you to approach security more strategically.

Brian Contos | 07 Mar | Read more

Are Virtual CISOs the answer to your security problems?

​Chief Information Security Officers are a relatively rare breed. Information security is, after all, a relatively recent addition or subset to IT, and while most large organizations now do profess to having a CISO, CSO or head of information security, many still don’t. Indeed, it’s often the case that a company appoints its first CISO in the aftermath of a data breach - like Target did in 2014 or Sony in 2011.

Doug Drinkwater | 07 Mar | Read more