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Smart homes – Your security death trap

This is not the first time I have written about smart technologies and the risks that they can pose but I wanted to narrow the view a little with this particular piece and focus specifically on smart home technology and some risks they pose to you and your families that you may not have considered but really should.

Craig Ford | 23 May | Read more

Never use free Wi-Fi

​This is a conversation I find myself having almost every day and I believe that the message isn’t really sinking in on the dangers of using public or free Wi-Fi.

Craig Ford | 13 May | Read more

Social Engineering Attacks

Over the years I have heard of some really well-crafted social engineering attacks, it is a really great way for malicious actors and Pentester's alike to get past well-trodden security measures.

Craig Ford | 13 May | Read more

The blame game in security needs to stop

Security is a hard gig, honestly, it really is. We need to know about all the threats that haven't even come to be yet, protect the organisation with all the latest blinky light solutions as well as know the ins and outs of every application and its implications to your company.

Craig Ford | 29 Apr | Read more