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Hacker civil war heats up

In the midst of all the high-profile hacks rolling out almost daily, a hacker civil war is also under way. It's become almost as hard to keep up with the number of attacks carried out against hackers as it is to track the plethora carried out by hackers. Multiple hackers have claimed responsibility for disabling the Lulzsec website this week, while other hacking groups have made it their mission to reveal the real-world identities of Lulzsec members.

Eric Mack | 25 Jun | Read more

WordPress warns server admins of Trojans

Companies and bloggers that run their own WordPress installations should make sure that they have not downloaded any of three popular plugins that were, for about 24 hours, playing host to <a href="">malicious code</a>, WordPress creator Auttomatic warned.

Robert Lemos | 25 Jun | Read more

Anonymous, LulzSec bring bragging rights back to hacking, CTO says

Hactivist groups such as <a href="">Anonymous</a> and <a href="">LulzSec</a> hearken back to earlier days when Web attacks were done for bragging rights, not profits, says the new CTO of incident-response, forensics company Mandiant.

Tim Greene | 24 Jun | Read more

Home port for security departments?

In June of 2003, we ran a <a href="">long article about organizational structures</a>. We titled it "All Over the Map," which pretty much tells you what we concluded about how security was handled at the time: a bit like a ship with no home port, passing from executive to executive. The article had examples of security variously reporting to Human Resources, Facilities, Operations, Legal, and IT. Responsibility without authority was a theme.

Derek Slater | 23 Jun | Read more

Hack Attacks Escalating? Here's a Reality Check

Hack attacks from online thugs such as Anonymous and LulzSec appear to signal a hacker Armageddon. Not only has Sony been relentlessly targeted by hackers this year so has the Central Intelligence Agency, Sega,, the U.K. government, and dozens of other high-profile company and government agency Web sites.

Ed Oswald | 23 Jun | Read more

Ponemon study: Cyber attacks more frequent, severe

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and severe, and the vast majority of businesses have suffered at least one <a href="">data breach</a> in the past year, a Ponemon Institute survey says.

Tim Greene | 22 Jun | Read more