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Federal Budget 2015: $33.3m identity management splash anchors government transformation - Tech News

A $33.3m investment in large-scale identity management systems will form a cornerstone of the government's Digital Transformation Office (DTO) – an umbrella effort to securely push government service delivery online – which will be fast-tracked through a $254.7m Budget allocation over four years that will see numerous other agencies chipping in to support the transformation agenda.

David Braue | 13 May | Read more

Privacy is a Business Disrupter

Although there's obviously a significant interest in privacy from a legal and compliance perspective, Vodafone's head of privacy, Stephen Deadman, told the audience at the recent IAPP Summit that there's an increasing focus on economics.

Anthony Caruana | 20 Nov | Read more

Security culture begins at the top

What’s the most important factor of a successful security program? Technology such as endpoint protection? Making sure your change management processes and system development life cycle includes consideration of security risks? Strong policies? Not quite.

Wayne Chung | 02 Feb | Read more

Awareness, awareness, awareness ... “stop eating dirt with dog sprinkles on it”

In the world of Info Sec we sometimes ask ourselves ‘why do people do such dumb things?’ well let me tell you, if they don’t know what is right, they don’t know it is wrong. For example, when I was about four my Dad had to smack dirt out of my hands before I ate it and say ‘don’t eat that, yuk! Look at what that dog is doing on it over there” that was a good lesson for me.

Mark Jones | 13 Oct | Read more

Security Operations the Final Frontier – Part II

I have created my own interpretation of what a good pragmatic Security Operations Model (SOM) would look like. This has been adapted from a number of Security Frameworks and Industry Good Practices like ITIL, COBIT, NIST, OCTAVE, OWASP and the ever present ISO 27001/2 all of which have an input into the structure and makeup of an effective security operations framework or security operations model.

Puneet Kukreja | 13 Sep | Read more

Cloud growth prompts shift in enterprise security strategies

What a different global economy this would be if it were only a little bit more like the cloud. As the financial markets go through their bipolar mood swings with every wrenching headline, the market for cloud services has marched steadily upward and onward, seemingly unfazed by the concerns of the non-virtual world.

CIO Staff | 24 Aug | Read more

Opinion: Risk Assessments Are Not Worth the Risk

For years, professionals of the information security industry have been advising and using risk-based approaches to securing organisations and their information assets. This has been the received wisdom for so long that this is now encompassed in industry standards, such as ISO 27001, FIPS 200, etc.

Charles Wale | 19 Aug | Read more