In pictures: iOS vs Android Hackathon event

Developers battled it out for $10,000 and more in prizes

  • The Sensis sponsored Hackathon event was held in Melbourne last weekend.

  • 21 iOS and Android developers battled it out to develop the best app at the event.

  • Seven apps were developed in total, including five Android apps and two iOS apps.

  • Team Bonobo+1, made up of Michael Del Borrello, Nathan Hamey, Ben Hamey and Daryl Teo, were [[artnid:408188|awarded first prize]] at the event for their app 'Medic'.

  • In a statement from Sensis, the judges said they were very impressed by Medic's simple interface.

  • Teams worked through the night to get each app developed.

  • A $250 second place prize went to Eric Bae for the best new feature request award, and the people’s choice award of $500 went to an Android transport app called ‘Friend Compass’.

  • The second runner up prize on the day went to the Android app 'Meet Me For...", while third runner up was an iOS app called ‘Platinum'.

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