Top 10 tech stories 2014: Backlash! Disrupting the disruptors

Top stories include Uber's bumpy ascendancy, HP's breakup, Regin malware, Nadella taking reins at Microsoft and Alibaba IPO

  • Obama weighs in as FCC goes back to the drawing boards on net neutrality

  • EU 'right to be forgotten' ruling challenges Google to edit history

  • Facebook gambles $16 billion on WhatsApp

  • Alibaba’s IPO marks a new era for Chinese brands in the world

  • Apple Pay keeps company on innovation edge

  • Mt Gox implodes, deflating Bitcoin hype

  • Regin and the continuing saga of the surveillance state

  • Uber's bumpy ride shakes up the sharing economy

  • HP says breaking up is hard, but do it we must

  • Nadella aims Microsoft toward relevancy in a post-PC world

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