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  • Portable storage for the paranoid: We test two secure USB drives on keypad vs. software security

    Congratulations: You've decided your data is sensitive enough (or you're paranoid enough) to store it on a secure USB drive. Basically encrypted storage on a stick, these portable flash drives come with FIPS 140-2 level three validation, meaning the cryptographic module will be rendered inoperable if tampering is detected. It costs quite a bit to acquire validation, which is part of the reason for premium pricing of these drives.

    Jon L. Jacobi | 20 Mar | Read more

  • Aegis Padlock SSD Review: Small, fast, FIPS-secure, and expensive

    Apricorn's Aegis Padlock SSD offers a number of advantages over rival secure storage solutions. It delivers more capacity than the ubiquitous secure thumb drive, being available in capacities of 120-, 240-, and even 480GB, while remaining considerably smaller than the usual 2.5-inch portable SSD. It also has an on-board keypad that you can use to access the data stored inside it. Finally, you can use it with any device that can connect to USB mass storage, not just computers.

    Jon L. Jacobi | 03 Apr | Read more