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News about AusCERT 2014
  • Is this Unix's Code Red Moment?

    Back in July 2001 two security researchers, Marc Maiffret and Ryan Permeh from eEye Digital Security, discovered the Code Red worm - a piece of malware that targeted Microsoft's IIS software and propagated wildly until it was stopped. It was followed by more vulnerabilities and threats until Microsoft was forced to launch its Trustworthy Computing initiative in 2002.

    Anthony Caruana | 24 Oct | Read more

  • Security in a post NSA era – it's a head game

    Stefan Schumacher is head of the Magdeburg Institute for Security Research and is currently running a research programme about the psychology of security. At AusCERT 2014, he told the audience that Edward Snowden's NSA leaks have removed any lingering doubts about a totalitarian surveillance of the Internet.

    Anthony Caruana | 29 May | Read more

  • iVote – strategic threat intelligence approach to e-voting

    Imagine taking one of the most important business processes within your business, making a revolutionary change to it and having to convince everyone that the process they’ve relied on isn’t nearly as perfect as they thought. That’s a challenge that was faced by Ian Brightwell, the CIO of NSW Electoral Commission.

    Anthony Caruana | 22 May | Read more

  • Incident response lessons learned from 100 compromises

    One of the great challenges of incident response is knowing what the best course of action will be before you start reacting in anger during a security incident. Who should you notify and when? At what point should things be escalated to a more senior level in the business? Should you shut down systems or delete virtual machines?

    Anthony Caruana | 22 May | Read more